Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Along the way..

Many many things happened since the last time i wrote in my blog..
i updated my journal about it but not here.. i'm sorry..
i wonder if there is still anyone, anyone at all who would stop by here once a while to check
my blog out.. see whether it's updated?? maybe not.
Of all the many things that happened since then, i cherished the ones spent with him.
and him is who?? him is the one so closest to me, the one i share all my thoughts and feelings with.
flashing back, it's been nearly a year since we are together..
i've learnt alot. about relationship and myself and about him of course.
other than that, i've also lost some weight and really satisfied with my achievement! =D
i am stronger and physically fitter now. i have also taken up jogging since i started this losing weight goal! which is around 2 years ago. jogging is my hobby now.
i have an interview this monday at Cathay Pacific airlines at the airport.
wish me luck!!
really hope to get this job. though have to travel for a bit. but i think i will enjoy it there!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


After resting for so long from blogging, i finnally am back here to type these words.
As you can see, my last blog is dated somewhere in October 2009 which is last year.
My sudden dissapearance from blogging have sure got u thinking, 'where the hell did Lee Ni dissapeared to??' right?! or maybe not. Oh well, who noes right.
i always wanted to start a topic about daily stuffs... things i saw on the road and all but due to my de-connectivity of my internet at my home back home in Seremban, i have lost the interest to type these words because i have no means to do it. Furthermore, last year was a great year... many fun things happened. Many new experience. Many new friends. Many new subjects and lecturers and most importantly, many many sweet memories. i want to thank all those who help me in making those sweet memories together. i will remember those times forever even advise given from wise people around me. there are pictures as evidence so it is impossible for me to forget. ;)
there are many thought that come to mind when i observe my daily activities carefully.
Among the topics that is in my mind are reckless driving, acceptance to changes in relationships, my aging cocker spaniel, preparation for the upcoming chinese new year etc.
recently i came across a quote saying that

'Sometimes giving up does not mean you are weak. It just means that you are strong enough to let go'

this quote touched my heart deeply. i felt it is a meaningful quote and i'd like to share thise with you all.
CNY preparation is quite good. as usual mum will make cookies and decorate house with beautiful lanterns and light... maybe it's simple but it is already sufficient to celebrate this special occasion. The most awaited angpau giving ceromony is cominig soon. and i cant wait until that moment. in the meantime, i havent really shop for my cny clothings. thursday will be going with mum to hunt for a few new red cloths to wear. lol. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!~

Monday, October 12, 2009

White LOVE!

you guys should like listen to this song! i mean like right now! it is a addictive song man....
=D it is from Coffee Prince drama.
oh well, today is monday... should say got some Monday blue feeling though.. cos was feeling lazy to drive so took the bus instead.
so, today, something kinda interesting happened. i have this friend, whu falls asleep really fast in aircond room. i witnessed it this morning during Business Law A lecture. in a few secs, i saw her sleeping ad.... like a baby. but pity her... everyday have to travel so far to come to uni. some no rest. everyday must wake up so early. if me, also i will feel so sleepy. we try to wake her, but, after a few secs, she goes to her dreamland again. hmm....oh well... =D

i dun have much to write la... what to write what to write....